BUTT Hurt Illegal Aliens have feelings hurt, are Inconvenienced. USA Safety First!

BUTT Hurt Illegal Aliens have feelings hurt because they are Inconvenienced over Trumps crackdown on illegals, undocumented aliens, etc. – TOO BAD! Our safety is Primary!!!

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This is the new Norm, get used to it. We are reclaiming our country’s sovereignty and we are not gonna back down.

It is not unreasonable to do a background check on folks coming from unfriendly countries, (every other nation does it).

Islam is an ideology that has no room for other belief systems such as Christianity. There charter mandate is to make all infidels, (non-muslims) Submit or die.

Islam is a savage cult that will be eradicated from the face of the earth when Messiah arrives. Islam comes from the pit of hell.

Find out all about Islam here:

Stand in front of this with your jihad!

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